Welcome to Hilltop Brewing!

This is our first post and we would like to welcome you to Hilltop Brewing. My name is Ross Hill and my beautiful wife is Katie Hill. We have a dream to spend our days making beer and that dream is becoming a reality! We live in Dallas Texas and have begun building our brewery plan. This blog is designed to keep you updated with our progress and to get the word out on our brewery. Our goal is to bring new, interesting and tasty brews to the DFW area and soon the southern region of the U.S. I know it sounds like a lofty goal but every dream and brewery have to start somewhere. Ours is starting now! In future posts we will update you on our possible location, our fundraising, marketing and most importantly our beers! Please stay tuned for more updates. We will get our contact information out soon and will have links to our website and twitter as soon as they are complete. Thank you for reading and welcome to Hilltop Brewing!

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